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Help Needed: Looking For WW I Info on Medic John B. Plantenburg

A Story of Bent, Broken Scissors and A World War I Medic

Descendants of John B. Plantenburg have related for several years the following story. But unfortunately, no one took the time to write or record the story in a formal manner.
Here's how they tell it: : Cpl. Plantenburg was a medic with Company M, 125th Infantry Regiment during World War I. While stationed in France, the Corporal either had the scissors in his hand, or they were in a uniform pocket, when a German bullet shattered the scissors, leaving the Corporal unharmed. One version of the family story has him hit while removing bandages from a wounded soldier. 
We do not know if any of this story is true.

What we have: The scissors, his dog tags and Pay Record Book.

The following is information we have.
John B. Plantenburg was born April 25, 1892, in Scribner, Nebraska, to a family of farmers. His parents were Anna and John Plantenburg. He grew up to medium height and medium build with blue eyes and brown hair.
He completed his draft registration card on June 5, 1917, at 25 years of age.
His US Army service number was 1418871.
He was assigned to Company M, 125th Infantry and rose to the rank of Corporal.
His discharge date was May 26, 1919. His discharge document state he received “no honors, no medals.”
He married Gladys ???? and they had two daughters, Jacqueline and Marilyn. They farmed in Perry (Thurston County), Nebraska, from about 1935 to 1960.  His whereabouts from 1919 to 1935 is not known.
John B. passed from this Earth on April 4, 1960 at age 68.

His dog tags, which are partially corroded, spell his name Plantenburg (with a “u.”) The envelope for his Pay Record Book spells it with a “u.” His name on the book itself is not legible. His grave marker spells it Plantenburg.

US Army records show the 125th Infantry Regiment, which started as a National Guard unit in Michigan, reached France as a part of the 32nd “Red Arrow” Division. The regiment suffered terrible losses but emerged from WWI with the reputation of being a formidable fighting force. During the War, the 125th was under fire for six months, fought on five fronts, met and vanquished several German divisions and took more than 2,000 German POWs. The regiment demobilized in 1919 at Camp Custer, Michigan.  

The scissorsis sogtagH were manufactured by the well-known cutlery maker Landers, Frary & Clark and carry the firm's Universal brand, which was used between 1865 and 1965.

I have been unable to connect with any of John Plantenburg’s descendants to confirm this story.

Can you help? 

PS: In the box with this material was an American Legion 25-year pin. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Autographs - These From Oregon in Late 1800s

As we are nearing the end of the year and I have not posted anything new, I reckon it's time for more autographs. This book is from Oregon City, Oregon, and belonged to Annie who got a large number of autographs in the late 1880s. There is a strong Christian theme to most of these autographs. Cursive handwriting at the time seemed to take on many new tricks, making it near impossible for me to translate. Here are the ones I can decipher.

He who gives much plenty stands,
Who withholds hath empty hands.
Mt. Pleasant Jan. 16th, 1888
N.W. Randall

To Annie
Farewell and if by distance parted
We see each other's face no more,
Ah, may we with the faithful-hearted
Meet beyond the parting shore.
 Your friend, Lucy Gill June 25, 1888

Nearer the bound of life
where we lay our burdens down,
Nearer leaving the cross
Nearer gaining the Crown.
Your friend, Sophia Bean July 5, 1888 

Dear Annie
Nearer my father's house
Where the many mansions be --
Nearer the great white throne
Nearer the crystal sea.
Your friend forever, Nellie Bean July 2, 1888

 Dear Annie
Always be true to the ties Of friendship and ???? ???? you and I.
Bird Albright

To Annie
Merry, happy, free from care
With all prospects bright and fair,
Blessing many friendship true
Such my friend I wish for you.
Lauretta Wright Oct. 7, 1888

To Annie
Roses without thorns for thee.
Your friend, W.H.G.

Dear Annie Within this book so pure and white,
Let some friends presume to write
And may each line with friendship given
Direct the reader's thoughts to heaven.
Ever your friend, Lizzie Ely July 11, 1888

Onward through life, What ever your past
Strive to keep a cheerful heart.
Your friend, L. Sykes July 16th 1889 Oregon City, Oregon

Dear Annie
What's in your mind let no one know,
Nor to your friend your secrets show.
For if your friend becomes your foe,
Then everyone of your secret's known.
Your true friend, Della Boylan, May 27, 1888

Dear Annie
When grass is green and roses red,
Remember me when I am dead.
(Name erased) Oregon City, 1889

To Annie
O ne'er may the Stars St. Peter
set on her radiant brow decay,
O Lord of Glory, crown thy spouse
on the great accounting day.
Ever your friend, M. Etty Albright, Oct. 11, 1888

Friend Annie
Passing through life's field of action
Lest we part before its end,
Take within your modest volume
this memento from a friend.
Ever your friend, Lizzie Banche June 7, 1888

Friend Annie
Think of me when you are happy
Keep for me one little spot;
In the depth of thine affection,
plant a sweet forget-me-not.
Your friend, Mollie

To Annie
When you are old and cannot see,
Put on your specks and think of me. (Unsigned)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

WWII Fathers See Their Babies For First Time - 1943-1945

It's mid-1943 and the country had been at war for about a year and a half and many thousands of servicemen had left their homes -- many with their wives expecting a new son or daughter. About this time, The Sacramento Bee newspaper took on the project of photographing new mothers, with their babies, and sending two prints -- one large and one wallet size -- to the new father. The photo of mother and baby also was printed in the newspaper as a regular feature that lasted nearly to the end of the war.
An accompanying story with the first photo, which appeared on Aug. 25, 1943, told how it was done: "Any mother of a Sacramento 'war baby' wishing to have pictures of the new arrival sent to the father may avail herself of this service by writing or telephoning to the city editor of The Bee.
"A cameraman will take a picture of the baby and mother and The Bee will mail the photographs to the father and present a copy to the mother. That is all there is to it."
Those babies will now be 66-70 years of age. How do I know this? At a recent estate sale, I picked up a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings, all neatly pasted in place, that told the story and included 446 Sacramento Bee clippings showing mothers with their new babies. Although the clippings are not individually dated, the birth dates of the babies pictured seem to end in early summer 1945. Whether the collector tired of the project or The Bee ended the series, I do not know. It is a fascinating service The Bee provided -- which is shown by several articles from servicemen who received the photogaphs.
So, in order to complete this blog, here is the list of the babies, in order of appearance in the scrapbook. If you were born in Sacramento during World War II, you might be on this list. Numbers refer to the scrapbook page.
1. Fowler, Herbert Brereton Jr.
2. -0-
3. Nicholas, Alan Craig; Acosta, Vicki Lou; Gates, Wayne Roy; Hollingshead, Carol Jeanne; Geyer, Victoria; Uomini, Virginia; Cummings, Robert Lee; Nelson, Cheryl.
4. Collins, Arthur Robert; Bieser, Frederick Stevens; Overton, Vivian Cheryl; Groves, Lewis J.; Hamilton, twins Patricia Ann & Margaret Carol.
5. -0-
6. Borgia, Raylee Rhonda; Hurst, William Leland; Hensley, Darrell Norman; Parker, Edward Andrew III; Francis, Gale Brent; Wright, William Russell; Gurtler, Judy Ann; Harris, Harell G. Jr.
7. Eichele, Eugene; Carlsen,Karen Rae; Blanchard, Fred Mathew Jr.; De Long, Nina Carleen; Myers, Sonny Louise; Kerr, Barbara Ann; Lemons, Jackie; Ahern, Judy Ann
8. Tucek, Sandra Kay; Hughart, Joan Darlene; Field, Conrad James; Sheltrown, Bradford Lee; Lumry, Carlton; Peek, Carol Ann; Woodard, Sherran Ann; Koeteeuw, Stanley
9. Gregson, Richard; Hix, Pamela
10. Drake, David Patrick; Hurst, Mary Ann
11. Smith, twins Aileen and Elaine; Omand, James
12. Haag, Michael Elliott; Lonsway, Eugene
13. Abrams, Donna Ruth; Ware, Cassandra; Hughson, Patricia Ann; McDaniel, Janet Elaine; Von Behren, Leroy Martin Jr.
14. Carlson, Allen LeRoy; Simmons, Earle Thomas Jr.; Oyler, Harold Douglas; Savage, Kenneth; Lambert, Daniel Robert; Bronk, Robert; Huit, Ralph Jay; Lima, Lawrence Jr.
15. Adam, Arthur John Jr.; Ernst, Kenneth Phil; Seastrand, Paula Marie; Casebeer, Larry Gene; Stone, Sara; Busby, Judith Ann; Hipp, Karen; Manwell, Melvin Randall
16. Robbie, Richard William; Steuben, Janice Marie; McConnen, Enid Elizabeth; McElroy, Donna Sue; Estes, David Eldon; Monson, Milton W. II; Phulps, Judith Lee; Jeffries, Janice Kay
17. Broyer, Judy Ann; Sellers, Janeen
18. Garcia, Henry Ronald; Porta, Louis Jr.
19. Kestell, Suzon Lynne; Stirling, Sanna J.
20. Baker, Lloyd; Crowle, Henry William
21. Moody, Rose Marie; Mysing, Susan Holliday
22. Egolf, Mary Lee; Perry, Madison H. Jr.
23. Werner, Carla; Frye, Joanne Garlene
24. Spitaleri, Joseph; Reed, Michael
25. Mains, Marie Pearl; Cooper, James Franklin
26. Burke, John Thomas; Wetmore, Robert James
27. Whelan, twins Santa Jean and Robert Ennis; Morrison, Mary Louise
28. Standing, Lawrence; Briske, Bruce Kenneth
29. Cabodi, Mickey; Creed, Walter Jesse
30. Bibb, Caroldean; Cornelius, Terry Sue
31. Hildreth, Carolyn Ann; Allphin, Michael Forrest
32. Strothers, Judith Anne; Risney, Carol Anne
33. Hulbert, Louise Gail; Casillas, Sally Diane; Millsap, Marylin Elizabeth; Rogers, Richard Vincent; Bateman, Mary Belle; Jones, Mary Louise; Jones, Stephen Marshall; Boyd, Reggie Clay
34. Dymond, Robert Allen; Barker, Barbara Jean; Ashley, Betty Ruth; Corbell, Richard Angelo; Lockhart, Barbara Roberta; Bryant, Thomas Creston; Scribner, Crystal Firn; Olson, Russell Martin
35. Stephens, James Benton; Murin, William Nicholas; Johnson, Trudie Mae; Bertram, Garland Ray; Dollar, Joe Ray; Eid, Diane Marie; Wilson, Clayton Wesley; Hickey, Victoria Ann
36. Morehead, Jon; Delgano, William Boyd, Jr.; Veach, Kathleen; Ferris, Shirley Susan; Irish, Vickie; Buckley, Kathleen; Lewis, Cynthia; Schmitz, Carolyn
37. Sprock, Karen; Wells, Franklin D.; Sornsen, Roger; Pearson, Margie Marie; Miller, Linda Lee; Martin, Albert Elliott, Jr.; Finkelstein, Paula Rene; Clark, Stephen Rodby
38. Valencia, Anthony Joseph; Royce, Roberta Marie; Smith, Dennis Wayne; Atilano, Juan Antonio; Hughes, Mary Irene; Wisdom, Thomas Harvey; Scalora, Anthony Joseph, Jr.; Hoff, Victoria Ann
39. Olmstead, Carol Ann; Beck, Charles Phillip; Ferguson, Linda; James, Beverly Marie*; Adams, Ronald Irving; James, Beverly Marie*
* One of these is incorrect. The same identification appears beneath two different photos. Refer to Page 63 (top right) for corrected identification. Booth, Douglas Edward; Donahue, Patricia Ann
40. Bitle, Ronald John; Estey, William Clyde; Pardi, Robert Alan; Cook, William Gene; Long, David Albert; Moody, JoAnn; Dole, Robert Edwin; Walsh, Frank Robert
41. -0-
42. Valine, Joan; Kennedy, Juanita; Pembroke, Timothy Raymond; Hopkins, Patricia Lee; Parks, Valerie; Kelly, James Mahlon; Ford, L. P., Jr.; Amey, Thedore Elizabeth
43. Heidt, Patricia Kay; Cook, Donna Joyce; Hamm, Brooks; Coleman, Carole Linn; Eckley, Kathryn Anne; Holland, Judith Ann; Meredith, Kathleen Meleana; Hammitt, John
44. Stewart, Bonnie Lee; Harrington, Sue; Reagan, Barbara Jean; Quadros, Jo Ann; Taylor, Laurence William; Yeager, Bob Madison; Eck, Michael Lawrence; Kinney, William James, Jr.
45. Hendershot, Nancy Rae; Fleming, Gwendolyn Joyce; Morgan, Robert; Martin, Donald Alan; Provence, Mary Lee; Burnham, twins George and Robert
46. White, Shirley Ann; Tugaeff, George Robert; Freeman, Marsha Corinne; Brown, Gerald; Fausett, Linda; Wynn, Henry Alfred; Salerno, Larry Carl; Neeld, Cheryl Ann
47. Dorr, Jimmy; Tonges, Carolee; Porta, Penny Rose; Enos, Thomas Franklin; Hornbeck, Barbara Lynn; Baker, Gerald Wayne; Meyer, Carolyn Jean; Wegner, Rosemary
48. Hilburn, Helen Laura; Fallwell, Patricia Kay; Robinson, Janice Elaine; Karver, Thomas Michael; Fargo, Kathleen Lynn; Stevens, William David; Morrisseau, Mary Louise; Webster, Sherry Lynn
49. Swett, Margaret; Peters, Ernest Dean; Gonzales, Ralph; Boatwright, Robert Alonzo; Savage, Stephen John; Wood, Kathryn Marie; Simmons, Para Lee Ann; Deaver, Danny Farrell
50. Clothier, Cindy Nadine; Townsend, James; Harrington, Diane; Johnston, Ray H., Jr.; Gallman, Robert Lee; Meder, John Robert III; Villegas, Maurice; Shettlesworth, Cheryl Lea
51. Ross, Shelby Darwin; Hess, Franklin Courtney; DeHermida, Chrissie; McAuliffe, Dennis Reynold; Jackson, Melannie Amelia; Harris, Carolyn Marie; Webster, Carrol Ann; Broadston, Leonard LeRoy, Jr.
52. -0-
53. Lorenson, Melinda Jill; Metcalf, Barbara Ethel; Parker, Margaret Marie; Serra, Cheryl; Walsh, Glenn John; Hurst, Carol Lee
54. Carter, Virginia; Treloar, Donald Lee; Miller, Sharone Anne; Kirts, Malcolm, Jr.; Diaz, Amelia; Lane, Michele
55. Ward, John William; Parker, Paul; Boydston, Judy; Witbeck, Cynthia; Strong, Robert Ernest; Wood, Kenneth John
56. Graham, Frederick Harold, Jr.; Hawley, Anita Darlene; Myrah, Donald; Kolaitis, Meredith; Hampton, Larry S.Q.; Thielen, Raymond John II
57. -0-
58. Potter, twins Lawrence John and Louise Marie; Smith, Sharon; Gaines, Dora Louise; Hall, Rickey Alan; Cox, Harvey Glenn; Concannon, David Clifford; Baldi, Frances Patricia* Petrulak, Peter Charles*.
* Baldi and Petrulak Photos switched
59. -0-
60. Sommers, Linda; Sanchez, Richard Charles; Lauer, Richard Walter; Edwards, Richard Lloyd; Johnson, Pamela Rae; Brady, James Harold, Jr.; Haub, Kenneth Elden; Scott, Mary Jane
61. Morton, LaVerne Carol; Reynaga, Beatrice; Hulett, Bonnie Jean; Felton, Doris Kathleen; Saucedo, Carol Ann; Stramler, James, Jr.; Waddams, Donovan III; Carden, George Dennis
62. Meachen, James David; Emery, Rebecca; Eichele, Eugene; Nelson, Linda Jean; Hoffeditz, Aaron Ross; Chan, Cara Lynette; Brabec, twins Jefferey and Todd; Fong, Franklin
63. McKintley, Dennis Ray; McElwee, George Patrick; Frazier, Theo Earl; Smith, Sharon Kathryn*
* Corrected identification from Page 39 Reynolds, Nadine Esther; Cordano, Alan; Adams, Milton; Perryman, James
64. Brault, Raymond T.; Gray, Carl Jr.; Geibel, John Joseph; Creasey, Sandra Ann; Statz, Kerry Michael; Adamski, Bonnie Lee; Smith, Joseph Herbert; Tregea, William Stewart
65. -0-
66. Howell, Patricia Joy; Clancy, Michael; Dolton, Terry Allen; Monteleone, Noel; Faringer, Diane; Burns, Garry Le Roy; Swoveland, Dellas Ronald; Gilpin, Shirley Jean
67. Palermo, Mary Paulette; Potter, Gary Lee; Shepard, Elizabeth Ann; Trondsen, Anna Marie; Hahn, Stuart; Aivasian, Owen II
68. Meyer, Kathleen; Blake, Karen Rose; Patterson, James Henry; Nichols, Robert; Nott, Virgena Lynn; Record, Terry Allen; Levensaler, Sandra Gayle; Pyles, Michael James
69. Pierson, Michael William; Goldstein, Michael Louis; Jones, Robert (Bobbie); Nelson, Duane Arthur ;Blackwell, James Alvin; Sims, Thomas Allen; Jones, Melvin, Jr.; Henderson, Sharon Lee
70. Lopez, Delmay; Babcock, Lynn; Rupple, Sandra Lee; Jensen, Kathryn Alice; Adams, Theodore Elman; Porter, Viola; Stuart, Elaine Elizabeth; Fagunes, Carol Lynn
71. Thompson, Larry Douglas; Carlo, Roy Jr.; Elledge, Donna Lee; Steinbrecher, Bette Gene; Yeast, twins Dennis Elwood and Donna Marie; Martin, Mildred Louise; Anderson, Valerie; Irwin, Constance Marie
72. Romine, Roberta Marie; Kitterman, Joseph Peter; Secord, Ronald Scott; Boehm, William Joseph; Collins, Robert; Abegglen, twins Suzanne and Stephen; Howard, Evelyn Gail; Tamantini, Josephine
73. Rau, Dennis Mark; Kinney, Michael Gordon; Puggini, Warren Thomas; Christoffel, Carolyn Marie; Grubbs, Diane Adelaide; Bradford, William Lee; Mussey, Richard Lynn; Wright, Mary Catherine
74. Clary, Roger Allen; Olsen, Lucy Anne; Carey, Nancy Jean; Tomer, Helen; Allen, Patricia Elizabeth; Valencia, Mary Ellen; Leggett, Leslie Ann; Schmidgall, Rene
75. Leavitt, John Sheldon; Hill, Gwendolyn Kaye; Donathan, Larry Dean; Romero, Sandra Lee
76. Bidwell, Leslie Lynne; Murphy, David Kitt; Folstrom, Charles Walton; Allen, John Thomas; Miller, Eddie, Jr.; Wild, Grayce Evelyn; Graham, Marilyn Lee; Albee, Douglas Henri
77. Jerdon, Patsy Ann; Meany, Michael George; Tarbell, Harry III; Daspit, David Michael ;Jellison, Terry Lynne ;Harrison, Virginia; Deisenroth, Linda Lee; Harmon, Carol Ann
78. Olson, Janet Kay; O’Connell, Robert Charles; Hermann, Paul Douglas; Fiskum, Sharon Ann; Sheehy, Jo Ann; Romovich, Ronald Steve; Kemper, Ronald Michael; Gabel, Edward Ronald
79. Simpson, Richard Wayne; Lamb, Shirley Ann; Bicknell, Darcy Anne; Gray, Joyce Norine; Costa, Susana Marie; Massie, Richard Edward; Blaine, James E., Jr.; Middleton, Carol Jean
80. Davis, Nancy Anne; Hall, Wanda Jean; Mains, Eugene Walter; Brown, Delbert Clifton; Riley, Robert Lewis; McGregor, - Twin daughters not named; Alva, Beatrice; Kinser, Doris Sue
81. Brown, Paulletta Jean; Killian, Sharon Lee; Smith, Kenneth Garnett, Jr.; Graham, David Howard; Phillips, Connie May; Williams, Sharon; Flynn, Larry Patrick; Keylor, William Robert
82. -0-
83. Colley, Jerlean Evelyn; Allen, Roxanne Lee

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More Student Autographs from Woodland, Calif -- 1944-1947

Well, it's only been about seven months since I was here last. And, guess what? I have more student autographs. This book is from Woodland, Calif., and is from the 1940s. You will notice a definite change in attitude and content, compared with those autographs left in the 1890s and 1920s.
This autograph book belonged to Penny (no last name) and on the first page she lists the names of boys she "has gone out with, been kissed by and that have asked me out." More than 30 names are on the list so . . .
In any case here are the remembrances in her book.

Dear Penny
As you slide down he banister of life,
remember me as a splinter in your career.
Neil Osborn
April 8, 1944
The higher the mountain.
the cooler the breeze,
the younger the couple,
the harder they squeeze.
A good friend,
Bettilou Darling
Dear Penny
I love you little
I love you big
I love you
like a little pig.
Yours till six feet under,
Barbara Lois Barth
Dec. 18, 1945
Dear Penny
You may fall off a cliff,
you may fall from above,
but don't fall in love.
Your pal, Iris Jay
Dear Penny
First comes college,
Then comes marriage,
Then comes Penny with a baby carriage.
Yours till Ivory soap sinks,
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
When a monkey's up a tree,
Pull his tail and remember me.
Your friend, Joseph Oliver
April 8, 1944
Dear Penny
When you get married with ???? and have twins,
I'll keep you supplied with safety pins.
Robert Soulier
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
When I get married and have a Ford,
I'll give you a seat on the running board.
Don Blicht
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
You may kiss beneath the steeple,
You may kiss beneath the rose,
But the proper place to kiss
is right beneath the nose.
Your pal, Don
Nov. 30, 1944
Dear Penny
When you get married and live across the lake,
send me a piece of your wedding cake.
A friend, Clemma Cox
May 21, 1947
Dear Penny
I love you little,
I love you big,
I love you like a little pig.
Yours till the sun comes out at the West
Your pal, Barbara Oliver
April 8, 1944
Dear Virginia
Roses are red, violets are blue,
sugar is sweet, and so are you.
Your pal, Juanita Hurd
Dear Penny
I'll wait for you early,
I'll wait for you late,
I'll wait for you
by the garden gate.
Your sister, Bobbie
April 9, 1944
Dear Penny
When you get old and cannot see,
Put on your specks and think of me.
Your pal, Mercy Esther Barth
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
When you get old and cannot see,
Put on your specks and think of me.
Yours till you become ugly, Dan
(You wont' have to wait long.)
Oct. 18, 1945
Dear Penny
You can fall from a cliff,
You can fall from above,
But, Dear Penny,
Don't fall in love.
Your pal, Maxine
June 3, 1944
I didn't go to Yale,
I didn't go to Harvard.
I got my education in the Yolo County jail.
Your friend, Lois Vosburgh
May 27, 1947
Dear Penny
When evening draws her curtain down,
And pins them with a star,
Remember you have a friend though she may wander far.
Your friend, Carol Burner
Ocft. 5, 1945
Dear Penny
2 y's u r
2 y's u b
i c u r
2 y's 4 me
Love, Loretta Ann Freese
May 7, 19443
Dear Penny
Little Miss Marstool sat on a barstool drinking her merry full.
Along came a wolf and sat down beside her and
guess who got stuck with the bill.
Robert Soulier
Nov. 30, 1944
Roses are red, violets are blue
Beet pulp stinks and so do you.
Janet Gail Barner
Dear Penny
When you have a man,
He will be thin as frying pan.
Your pal, Artis Jager
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
When you get old and cannot see,
Put on your specks and think of me.
Your everlasting pal, Doris
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
When you come home through the hedge,
remember the girl who wrote on the edge.
Love, Eloise
Dear B.O.
Roses are red, violets are blue
Vinegar's sour and so are you.
Dear Penny
When you grow up and think you're sweet,
Take off your shoes and smell your feet.
Yours til Germany gets Hungary and fries Turkey in Greece.
Yours truly, Sonya Boyd
Dear Penny
When you buy a car don't go away too far
Because I can sell you some gas and give you a ten pound bass.
Your friend, Jacob Barth
Dec. 14, 1945
Dear Penny
Don't forget the girl who wrote upside down.
Love, Elaine
Dear Penny
The higher the mountain,
the cooler the breeze,
the younger the couple,
the tighter they squeeze.
Your friend Betty "Bat" Tafoya
May 26, 1947
Dear Penny
When you get married and have a Ford,
Save me a seat on the running board.
April 10, 1947
Two in a hammock proposing to kiss
All of a sudden, it happened
like this (written upside down).
Dear Penny
I went to the show tomorrow, I sat in the front of the back.
I sat on a pin in the gallery and broke the front of my back.
Yours till Ivory soap sinks, Carol Barner
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
When you get married and have a baby girl,
Think of me and her hair will curl.
'Your pal, Phyllis Burr
April 10, 1944
Dear Penny
I wish you luck, I wish you joy.
I wish you first a baby boy
And when his hair begins to curl,
I wish you a baby girl.
Thelma Osborn
April 8, 1944

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Autographs - These from Yolo County, Calif., 1880s

This autograph book belonged to Lillian May Prior of Woodland, a fine, tree-lined city just west of Sacramento. It's also home to Main Street Antiques, a 14-member antiques cooperative right in the middle of town on, where else, Main Street. Lillian May makes note that she was 18 years, 9 months and 15 days old when she signed her book in March 1885. Many of her contemporaries have signed the book, and left little notes along the way. There seemed to be preoccupation with life in the hereafter and not much humor. Here they are.

To May:
May the brightest rainbows ever play above the fountains of thy tears.
I remain your friend, Roberta Grant
I dip my pen into the ink
And grasp your album tight.
But for my life,
I cannot think of one word to wright. (cq)
Your friend and schoolmate, Geneva Wiserman
Jan. 4th, 1884
Dear May
May thy lot happy be
Is my dear wish for thee.
From your cousin, Lillian Shelton
June 15th, 1888, Albany, Oregon
If we have true merit, we all will have true friends.
Your friend, Eliza Duer?????
Woodland, Oct. 13th, 1884
"Moderation is the silken thread running through the pearl chain of all virtues."
Your Friend, Lee
Woodland, 9-10-1884
Remember I say
When you look on these pages
That writing in albums
Is like working for wages.
Eva A., January 1st, 1884
Remember your true friend
Kittie L. Comfort
To May
We have been friends together
It will not all be over
We will be friends forever
though we mean to part no more.
Leona Grigsby
Woodland, Jan. 7, 1884
Dear May
Remember me when far away
And absent from your sight
And I will do the same by you
With pleasure and delight.
Your friend, Katie Ball
Woodland, Jan. 11th, 1884
Yours most sincerely
Katie B. Fisher
Woodland, 8-4-'84
Compliments of Manny & Stella
When rocks and rills divide us
And you're no more.
Remember the name of Grace
And I'll remember thee.
Your true friend, Grace
Dear May
Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time.
Yours trule, Hattie Grant
Woodland, Jan. 11th, 1884
May all your days on earth
Be crowned with peace and love,
And I wish for you at last eternal joy above.
Zada Boulware,
Woodland, March 23, '85
Remember your true friend
Georgia Jackson
Woodland, Jan. 7th, 1883
Dear May
Beneath the oyster shell uncouth, the finest pearls may hide.
Trust me you will find a heart of truth
Beneath many a rough outside.
Your sincere friend, May Spencer
Woodland, 1885
In the golden chain of memory
Where each name forms a link,
I will add another to it.
Of the owner, sometimes think.
Your friend, Jennie Cokenour
Jan. 7th, 1884
Friend May
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.
And loving favor rather than silver or gold.
Your friend, Lena Porter
Woodland, Jan. 7th, 1884
To May
We have been friends together
It will not all be over
We will be friends forever
Though we mean to part no more.
Julie Stocking
Dear May
In the wood box of memory
Please drop a chip for me.
Your friend Emma
To May
I thought & I thought
Till I thought in vain,
Till at last I thought
I would write my name.
Your friend and schoolmate, Eliza Wiseman
Jan. 7th, 1884
Friend May
Flowers of true friendship will never fade.
Mary Lee
Woodland, March 27, 1885
Dear May
Let pure thoughts and kind actions mark every day of your life.
Your friend & teacher, Mrs. Sue B. Grant
Jan. 10th, 1884
Remember me with kindness.
Your friend, Dahlya Powers
Woodland Feb 2, 1885
Dear May
Remember me as your true friend.
Sophie Boggs
Woodland 2-11-85
Dear May
May joy and happiness always be with you.
Is the wish of your friend, Hattie Dunlap
Dear May
In the bright and long hereafter,
May you always happy be.
May you count your friends by thousands
and among them remember me.
Your sincere friend, Nellie Dietz
Woodland, Feb. 3rd, 1885
May your life be as fine as these pages,
and unshadowed as these lines,
Is the sincere wish of your true friend,
Nettie M.
Woodland, Feb. 3rd, '85
To May
Flowers may form a garland,
Gold may link a chain, but
Friendship is a clasp, forever to remain.
Your sincere friend, Erdeene Hennagan
Not like the Rose
May our Friendship wither
But like the Evergreen,
Live Forever.
Maude Lownsberry, Woodland
March 26, 1885
To May
May thy pathway be bright as the stars in heaven.
Your friend, Etta Hyman
Woodland, Jan. 7th, '84
Friend May
Remember me when this you see, if only half awake.
Remember me on wedding day and send me a piece of cake.
Your Friend Mattie Heurle (??)
Woodland, Cal. 4-1-1885
Last in your album,
Last in your thoughts
Last to be remembered
And first to be forgot.
Your friend, Rebecca Strong

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Still More Autographs -- These from 1887

This little book that belonged to Mollie came to me in April 2010. Cockrell, Missouri, is the town mentioned most often, but there is one entry from Raton, New Mexico. Here they are.

Forget me not,
the name of a friend is enough.
Jim Hankenberg, April 30, 1887


To Mollie
May peace and happiness your pathway attend
As down the stream of time you wend.
Ellen D -
June 6th, 1887


Our time is fleeting fast, though memory lingers
Yet a friend that is true we can never forget.
Swanea Tyson,
May 20, 1887

Dear Mollie
Think of me often tho' far away,
I shall often think of you.
Your true friend,
Walter McCloud, Raton, NM

To Mollie
Some have none and some have two
I have but one and this is you.
Your friend
(To) One of the 7 wonders of the world,
(From) Two of the 7 wonders of the world
A. G. Sears (and) M. Belle Tyer

Flowers may wither,
Leaves may die;
Friends may forget thee,
But never will I.
Lydia Siller
Cockrell, Mo.

The past we may forget
The presesnt swift its moments fly
The future ??? ??? trust it yet.
For trusting will never sigh.
P. T. Dealy


Miss Mollie
Within this book
So pure and white
Let none but friends
Assume to write.
Alex Sears, April 15, 1888
Cockrell, Mo.
To write in your album, you ask.
Ah, well, it is not such a diffiult task.
All I can say is contained herein one line:
May the blessings of heaven forever be thine.
Tis the wish of your friend.
1 of the 7
Cockrell, Mo., 5-7-88

Dear Mollie
Our friendship has budded on Earth,
O, may it blossom in Heaven.
Your friend, ????
May 23, 1888


To cousin Mollie
May your joy be as deep as the Ocean.
And your sorrow as light as its foam.
Cockrell, Mo. 8-4-88

Mollie my Friend -
Delay is the "Darkey" that steals the chicken from off the roost of time.
Cockrell, Mo., May 7, 1888


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I. R. "Ike" Lloyd -- WW II Submarine Portraitist

I see that has been just a bit more than a year since I produced any words for this little blog. No excuses. But since I'm here this would be a good time to bring up a new mystery I'm trying to solve.

I recently acquired two original paintings of World War II submarines. They were produced by a man named I. R. "Ike" Lloyd who was in the design department at Mare Island Shipyard during the war.

I thought it would be interesting learn more about Mr. Lloyd. After quite a bit of internet searching and talking and corresponding with museum curators in California and Washington DC, I am learning only bits and pieces.

Even more extraordinary: I have been unable to locate any other of Mr. Lloyd's original paintings. Prints of various ship paintings created by Mr. Lloyd show up occasionally on internet auction sites.

But no original paintings.

Here is what I know: Mr. Lloyd worked in the design department at Mare Island and resided in Vallejo for about 10 years. Sometime after WWII, he was divorced and moved to Key West, Fla, where he passed away in 1956. While at Mare Island he created numerous paintings in oil, guache and tempura of various ships, mostly submarines. And he drew ships for caches, shellback documents (a certificate attesting to a sailor having crossed the equator the first time) and at least in one instance, an invitation to a ship christening. And, for a time, he operated "Lloyds of Vallejo" on Hichborn Street where he created ship mementos.

The list of submarines he painted is a long one. To mention a few, Gato, Permit, Sailfish, Archerfish, Trigger, Wahoo, Argonaut, and Pompano. The first Lloyd item that shows up on Google is his painting of the USS Bailey in a firefight at the Battle of Komandorski Island. Prints of this battle, many autographed by sailors, show up once in a while.

In 1944, Lloyd also had a couple of his submarine paintings shown at the City of Paris department store in San Francisco. A brief article in the San Francisco Chronicle said: "Mr. Lloyd . . . received permission from Washington at the outbreak of the war to make a series of Navy paintings which are being kept on record in Washington." The second part of that sentence brought me into contact with the curator of the Naval Art Museum in Washington DC. Lloyd's name does not show up in their inventory of naval art.

So, Mr. Reader, I have two major questions:

- What happened to Mr.Lloyd after his move from Vallejo and why did he quit painting?

- Where are his original paintings?

If you have any clues, you know where to reach me. I'll be right here.

The two paintings I have are of Gato (SS-212 ) and (perhaps) Trigger (SS-237). That's the Gato in the accompanying picture.