Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Still More Autographs -- These from 1887

This little book that belonged to Mollie came to me in April 2010. Cockrell, Missouri, is the town mentioned most often, but there is one entry from Raton, New Mexico. Here they are.

Forget me not,
the name of a friend is enough.
Jim Hankenberg, April 30, 1887


To Mollie
May peace and happiness your pathway attend
As down the stream of time you wend.
Ellen D -
June 6th, 1887


Our time is fleeting fast, though memory lingers
Yet a friend that is true we can never forget.
Swanea Tyson,
May 20, 1887

Dear Mollie
Think of me often tho' far away,
I shall often think of you.
Your true friend,
Walter McCloud, Raton, NM

To Mollie
Some have none and some have two
I have but one and this is you.
Your friend
(To) One of the 7 wonders of the world,
(From) Two of the 7 wonders of the world
A. G. Sears (and) M. Belle Tyer

Flowers may wither,
Leaves may die;
Friends may forget thee,
But never will I.
Lydia Siller
Cockrell, Mo.

The past we may forget
The presesnt swift its moments fly
The future ??? ??? trust it yet.
For trusting will never sigh.
P. T. Dealy


Miss Mollie
Within this book
So pure and white
Let none but friends
Assume to write.
Alex Sears, April 15, 1888
Cockrell, Mo.
To write in your album, you ask.
Ah, well, it is not such a diffiult task.
All I can say is contained herein one line:
May the blessings of heaven forever be thine.
Tis the wish of your friend.
1 of the 7
Cockrell, Mo., 5-7-88

Dear Mollie
Our friendship has budded on Earth,
O, may it blossom in Heaven.
Your friend, ????
May 23, 1888


To cousin Mollie
May your joy be as deep as the Ocean.
And your sorrow as light as its foam.
Cockrell, Mo. 8-4-88

Mollie my Friend -
Delay is the "Darkey" that steals the chicken from off the roost of time.
Cockrell, Mo., May 7, 1888