Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Gas Powered Shaver -- No Kidding!

As a long-time collector and scrounger of all kinds of stuff, even I was surprised to find this 52-year-old gadget, complete, unused and in its original box : The New "Brownie" Gas Shaver.
It's a product of the "Panoramic Sales Corp." which proclaims you can get "The Smoothest Shave you ever had!! (Two exclamation points.) Requiring No Electricity and No Springs or Wind-ups. Just Gas!"
This also must be the second edition as an additional claim states: "New Improved Model. Contains Extra Fuel For Longer, Smoother Shaves."
Inside the box is a razor -- one of those that holds an old-style double-edged blade -- attached to a two-foot long rubber hose. A soft plastic tip is attached to the other end of the hose -- just like those found on those old-fashioned hot water bottles. Also, not unlike the tip of an enema bottle. Or am I offering more information than you need? Included is the "extra fuel" mentioned on the box top: A small box containing 10 or 12 red beans.
An accompanying booklet offers testimonials of the "World Famous Original Brownie Gas Shaver" by customers from around the world. It also claims to have "Over 1,000,000 Happy Users!"
There obviously was no such thing as political correctness in 1956 as depicted in the enclosed booklet. For instance, one Lord Bigg Butte is quoted: "Bless my soul. This is a jolly one. Pip pip and all that!"
Vladmar Ratsky remarks, "It's swellsky."
Spyros Acropolis says: "Classical!"
Senor Don Gunzel says: "Real South of the border enjoyment."
There are others (see below) but you get the idea.
The manufcturer also offers a note for the gift giver: "When I saw this remarkable new shaver, I knew you were just the one to derive much pleasure from it. Now you too can join the many satisfied users the world over. Just plug it in and see for yourself."
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